Before you start your career in Chartered Accountancy – Read this!

Chartered Accountancy

Meta description: Chartered Accountancy is a career option that grows in a rapid way. Because of that reason, a lot of people are willing to join this profession. If you are also intended to join this career path, then you must read this article.

It doesn’t matter whether you love them or hate them, it is very much sure that you won’t be able to ignore them.

Why most of the young people choose this career path nowadays? The answer is really simple for this question. Chartered accountants don’t necessarily have to be independent.

They know that they can land top jobs in fortune 500 companies and also on the law firms, and other prestigious establishments across all the sectors of the economy. What’s more, you need to be successful in this path?

If you want to start working towards a career in chartered accountancy, then you can start right after clearing your class x board exams. After that, you can also register with an institute off chartered accountants as such institutions provide common proficiency courses for the students.

These courses help the candidates to prepare for the common proficiency tests. This is known to be the first step towards your dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

This test is available in both pen – and – paper and online versions. This test is also known as the Inter Mock Test Series and it generally tests your basic knowledge in four subjects that include accounting, mercantile laws, general economics, and the quantitative aptitude.

The competition is intense and the candidates must have an aptitude in order to solve the business problems. But, this is not the only test that will check your abilities, there are also some other tests before being successful.

The institutions will complement the study material along with standard textbooks and prepare notes that will be cover all of the key points.

The way you will understand the topics that will also determine how capable you were while answering the questions. For the initial stages, it will be always recommended to use the model test papers in order to understand and absorb the study material in a proper way.

Otherwise, you can also consider checking out whether you are able to answer the questions within the limited time span. It is also important to join a test preparation center at least three months prior to the test.

And also you need to allocate time daily for the various units after gaining a broad understanding of the macro level syllabus.

You can answer the questions papers of the previous years and after that consider taking the CA Inter Mock Test. The entire process is critical and every single candidate needs to choose the best and topmost centers to conduct such tests.

It’s all about your career and if you are taking the wrong decision, then you will have to repay in a bad way as that can ruin your future.


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