Keep Your Refrigerator from Consuming Excess Electricity with These Tips

Keep Your Refrigerator from Consuming Excess Electricity with These Tips

Even with your strict regime pattern, the electricity bill seems to run high every month. While there are many devices that consume energy, without a shred of doubt, you can blame the refrigerator for being a power-hungry beast. In fact, there is no other appliance that is consuming half of the energy equivalent to the fridge’s consumption rate. The small difference that does not seem such a big deal on a single day scale is actually huge on a monthly scale.

Arranging the power consumption through appliance repair Surrey services is a great way of limiting it. However, before opting for an appliance repair upgrade, there are a couple of tricks that you can follow to reduce the overall electricity unit consumption.

  1. Coil cleaning

Cleaning the coils of a refrigerator every day is not an easy task. So, limit the cleaning schedule as a once in a week project. Coils need to be cleaned by the use of a vacuum cleaner. and these coils are situated either in the back or at the bottom of the fridge. The condenser coils do a maximum of the cooling so if you clean them properly then they are going to be in a grime-free state. This state is the basic goal for upkeep to make sure that it does not provide a lot of resistance and does not need appliance repair Langley.

  • Temperature check

The lower the set temperature, the more is the overall electric consumption. This does not mean that you have to keep the temperature too high either. Rather there should be an even temperature. The ideal temperature for the freezer is 0 to 5-degree F whereas the fridge should be set between 36 to 38-degree F. if the temperature is even 10 degree lower than this temperature range then there is an overall 25% extra energy consumption.

  • Better arrangement

You are going to have to start storing just the right amount of food in the fridge. Too less and too much are the two conditions that you have to avoid because too much storage will require your fridge to work hard to keep the temperature alright. Also, to make the optimal temperature stand on the perfect ground you need to utilize space in perfect order. Keep the less important stuff in the back and rearrange the items in such a fashion so that the basic items are kept in the very front. If you do not do so then you are forced to keep the fridge door open for prolonged duration. In this case, there could be a problem with the appliance and you will need to take services from a stove repair Langley provider.

  • Door seal checking

Refrigerator doors need to be leak proof. That is there should not be any space left on the sides. Or else the refrigerator will not be able to maintain a thorough temperature which will eventually result in high electricity consumption. Ask any refrigerator and washing machine repair Surrey service provider to check in with the door seal just to be sure.

  • Away from heat

The refrigerator needs to maintain a certain temperature level inside of it. So, if the fridge is placed near the stove or dishwasher and micro oven then you really need to reconsider the position. In fact, if it is possible to keep this appliance as far away from direct light as possible.

Following these leads will help you to maintain both the quality of service and prolong the condition of your refrigerator.


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