Upkeeping Tips from Time Immemorial for Animal and Faux Fur Coat

Upkeeping Tips from Time Immemorial for Animal and Faux Fur Coat

Animal fur and faux fur may appear to look the same but are very different. Not only is the material different but so is the upkeep. Cleaning and caring are different for every individual clothing fiber material – this is a general idea. However just because it looks the same, you cannot start a fur cleaning Toronto process identical to each other.

Upkeep strategies

Fur coats are very sensitive. No, they are not sensitive in perspective of quality. In fact, fur coats are suitable and very sturdy against harsh environment changes. So what is so sensitive about the fabric? Well, it is the fibers that you need to be concerned about.

Fur fabric is basically hair. Though that is not true for faux fur. Nevertheless, even synthetic or vegan fur needs regular and gentle upkeep. These materials are delicate on the surface. Not following the regime will result in a deteriorating material. And you must know how good fur can last a lifetime. Hence taking care of your coat is going to increase its longevity and make sure that quality remains intact.

Natural and faux fur upkeep tips

There are basically 2 facts that you have to consider: cleaning and care

  1. Cleaning

Natural fur needs a special cleansing process from fur stores Toronto. They cannot be dry cleaned from a local dry cleaner or an all fabric dry cleaner. Also putting the fur coat for a tumble in the washer is a big no-no.

Faux fur, on the other hand, are a little more on the rough side. You cannot wash it by your hands, neither can you use a washing machine but the scope for dry cleaning is open. Unlike natural fur, these fur strands can withstand gentle dry cleaning. But it is advisable for you to try out a cleaning and fur repair Toronto store for the process.

Professional cleaners will add oils and varnish the fur to make it soft. That way the deep-lying dirt and dust will be cleaned. Natural fur coats should not be cleaned more than once in a year or else it will lose its quality.

If there the fur coat gets drenched then you will have to take it immediately to a professional cleaner or else there will be shrinkage.

  • Care

Only with proper maintenance fur stays intact for a longer duration. Heat is the biggest nemesis. Unlike faux fur natural fiber does not react well with water. On a day to day basis you have to be extra careful with natural fur.

the coat needs to be hanged by a hanger and you need to air dry it. Brushing with a natural comb can also be attempted. In the case of faux fur vest Toronto, you need to sprinkle a small amount of water to smoothen the unruly fibers. Blow drying through the cold mode is also a great option for the owners of faux fur.

In the case of natural animal fur avoid the use of hair spray or fragrances altogether. Alcohol dries the hide and that is another thing that you want to stay away from.

Maintenance of the fur coat may come off as an extra impact but it creates a great sense of comfort to know that it is perfect even after a long history of use! Visit a professional cleaner for better aid.


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