How video brochures are crucial for marketing


The world of the internet has brought unlimited possibilities in each sphere of life. Whether it is business or leisure services, the way people reach out to organizations has changed over the last decades. It is a given that with the technology available to everybody, firms are either winning with shrewd marketing or losing opportunities. With most companies leveraging social media for their marketing purposes, a good option for others will be to use video brochures.

What are video brochures?

Many businesses present cards that play a song when opened. There would also be a few visuals to engage the viewer. The concept of video brochures is similar to such cards, but a little more sophisticated. In simple words, video brochures are invitations, pamphlets, or displays with video files embedded in them. The brochures are printed and have an LCD screen that plays the video content. Whenever someone opens them, they get to know essential information regarding the particular company, before any research is conducted.

This proves to be a great opportunity for companies to spread the right word in their target audience before they get to know about the service provider. It also seems classy that company representatives show what they stand for instead of speaking to various potential customers. Video brochures are a far cry from their traditional counterparts and are rightfully considered an updated version. Images and texts are central to marketing in 2019, and LCD video brochures successfully combine both technology and the traditional method.

How do video brochures benefit companies?

  • It makes you stand out from the competition

Video brochures seem personal, as the viewer gains an emotional connection with the way things are presented. They are effective in making purchase decisions, so the odds are in the company’s favor. People are interested in watching any product or service in action, and this is what video brochures stand for.

  • Helps in making an impact

If a certain business is centered around forging and maintaining relationships, such brochures become a necessity. Clients are used to the typical meetings where salespersons arrive and begin their explanation. However, video brochures seem a class apart. They save time and energy of both the salesperson and the client while impressing the latter.

  • Gives more marketing opportunities

A unique approach is necessary to cement the position of being an approachable and innovative organization. This must be reflected in the work and marketing. An LCD video brochure gives a chance to the firm for explaining their product, their new ideas, and a few customer testimonials.

Video brochure is an out-of-the-box idea that helps in closing the gap between an organization and its potential clients. For getting the right video brochure of your needs, contact bigDAWGS promotions. They are experts in making custom greeting cards, video brochures, webUSB, etc.


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