Rhinoplasty- All about the procedure


Rhinoplasty refers to the cosmetic surgery of the nose. It is a well-known cosmetic surgery and it must be carried out with precision. Therefore, only a medical expert of laser montreal must be relied regarding this matter. similar to other cosmetic surgeries, the conversation between the doctor and the patient is crucial for success. The patient needs to clearly point out the problems, which the expert has to address. According to a study, around 15,000 cosmetic surgeries are conducted in the world each year.

Rhinoplasty (Chirurgie du nez) deals with aesthetic and plastic surgery, which is done for correcting the existing problem (which is either congenital, due to aging or pain). Following are the two types of rhinoplasty:

•    Aesthetic: The aim is to change the morphology of the body part, either at the cartilaginous lower part of the upper bony part.

•    Functional: The goal is to make the septum straight, which is a source of breathing problems.

Limits of the operation

It is important for the surgeon to notify the patient that the result of the procedure will not be complete in case of the nasal mucosa. The quality of the skin is crucial for a successful rhinoplasty. Oily and thick skin will be unable to achieve the desired benefits.

The procedure

Once the patient’s goals are clear in the doctor’s mind, photographs and simulations must be produced. The surgeon will attentively study the nasal pyramid and perform an endo-nasal examination. If the goal of the surgery is not repairing, then a gap of 15 days must exist between the first appointment and the operation. Visiting an anesthesiologist is necessary before surgery. The patient is handed an operative record and a detailed estimate.

Post-operative course

After the surgery is done, patients do not feel pain. The main constraint, however, is breathing through the nose which is impossible. The recovery time and resuming of professional and social activities depends majorly on the duration of the dressing, which gives rise to bruises on the eyelids and cheek. The stitches are not to be removed as the wires placed inside the nose will be resorbable. This is a painless procedure, and in case of pain, the doctor must be alerted.

Possible complications

Post-operative risks and complications are very rare. The examinations conducted before the surgery and the consultation with experts eliminate the risks and complications as much as possible. However, the following situations are common and the patient must know about them:

•    Bleeding (usually in the first few hours, in moderate amount)

•    Hematomas (evacuation might be needed if they are too large)

•    Cutaneous attacks (in exceptional cases)

•    Infection (very rare)

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