When to use a live video versus animated video production?


Videos are known to be a powerful marketing tool, which many businesses are leveraging for increased customer engagement and brand popularity. The inclusion of videos on landing pages proves that people appreciate a short video content which welcomes them in an entertaining yet informative manner. As a matter of fact, videos on landing pages are known to improve conversions by 80%. Also, a study reveals that people who watch a product video from 3d Modeling Company are more likely to purchase the item instead of those who skip the video.

The ROI potential of video content is incredible, and it must be used for a company’s benefit. There are basically two types of this content: live action and animated. People always find themselves in a crossroad, as they decide between either of the two. Since each type resonates a specific message and achieves definite goals, choosing the right option is essential.

Live action brings realness

Unlike their animated counterparts, live action videos are meant to be direct and serious. They are based around real people, their interviews, and how they find a certain item to be convenient. Live action is the best choice for those who want to promote observational learning, and wish to convey a particular message to their clients and target audience. A proper live action video motivates people to follow a direction, and makes them connect with the service providers. This choice works well for trade shows, branding, employee orientation, and tutorials. Showcasing a company’s work ethics and culture is done by producing live action videos. Adding client testimonials in the video will work wonders, and create a good impression in the mind of the viewer. The reason behind the effectiveness of live action videos is the fact that it involves actual customers and employees who are a part of the industry.

A live action videos work best when made with the goal of crafting a content library. Those looking to create a basic training video, or a format for the orientation of employees can benefit hugely from such content. Such videos can be compared to a dividend paying stock, which increases the company’s money at least once a year.

Animation spices things up

When it comes to making introductory videos, nothing comes close to the efficiency of animated videos from 3d Modeling Company. If the goal is to describe a particular product to an audience, or explain a concept in an easy to perceive manner, animated videos work wonders. At the same time, these videos fail when it comes to uplifting the trainees. They are meant to grab eyeballs and make everything look good. However, it is the responsibility of the organization to continuously update the videos, as people might lose interest after watching it for a certain number of time.

According to a study, a viewer’s attention span is 63 seconds. This is a good opportunity to form beautiful illustrations, eye-catching animation, while keeping it short. Animations videos from 3d Animation Companies London provide the strong beginning needed to grasp the attention of the visitor.

As it is relevant, both video types have their own pros and cons. However, both work in unique ways and any company can utilize them both for their benefit. Consult an expert from 3d Animation Companies London when any help is required regarding video production, and leverage it for better business.


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