Advancement in lead acid technology— deeper cycling ability


The present stratagem of including ever more automobiles running on imported and expensive fuels, cluttering overcrowded cities, already. Moreover, alternate solutions are still very ineffective, mobility does suffer the concerned infrastructure through intense air pollution. Many of these ‘advanced cars’ will likely to be introduced as electric car, but automobile battery is always an integrated accessory for car, nevertheless, the brand or varied function of the car. If you are looking for car battery services, installation or simply wondering where to buy car battery, let us guide you to our website For any assistance, you can avail best solutions from affordable battery aids, and other such diagnostic measures, we perform a complete range of services to solve stating issues.

Investing towards productivity

Tremendous impact of European market over UAE has started encouraging to install advanced rechargeable batteries, better known as Li-ion Battery. However, market conditions are very favorable for the ‘UAE lead acid battery’ that continue to witness potential growth over the future years, because of the uninterrupted demand of power supply in the crude oil and gas sector. With the rising awareness to incorporate renewable energy equipment into automobiles, which further bolstering market growth for UAE lead acid battery. Based on the phenomena, leading acid battery market of UAE has been designed to instigate more into industrial dimensions, transportation, stationary industrial, commercial as well as residential and grid storage. But before that revolutionary statistics hit the market, car owners have to acknowledge the brevity of the car battery, by following few steps:

  • Limit to short kms (rides)
  • Securely fastened the battery
  • Turn off all the electronic devices, including lights
  • Corrosions should be controlled to prevent car battery died
  • Car battery tester must be maintained when car is not starting, and responding lately

Practicing technological regime for customers

Before attempting to find car battery near me, it is imperative to search best websites according to your location. In addition to that, definite condition of battery must be checked, say:

  • Depth of discharge
  • State of charge, mostly referred as SOC
  • Percentage of terminal voltage
  • State of open-circuit voltage
  • Finally, state of internal resistance

Car manufacturers are still holding the fact of developing cost-effective mobilty that not only reduces pollution but also waiting for the big breakthrough in innovation: ‘cost-effective batteries’, of high-performance that are suitable for everyday use. Like ‘Tesla’, many renowned international automotive companies are planning a massive change within automobile design battery, to develop economic and environmental solutions.

A roadside assistance for Car Battery change is the optimum service that we provide with guarantee, and in a rapid way. Trust for a quick solution whether you are stuck on any road or sand dune, our assistance gets you super-fast, irrespective of location –at home, in your office parking, or in the garage.  With the expert vehicle technicians, car Battery change for any car specifications is possible when your car is not starting because of our equipped customer service agents who can guide you over your length of crisis.


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