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To understand the ‘mode of audit’, the tax payer must understand that an audit progression in no way implies criminal activity or in an act suspicion. The entire program of ‘Tax return’ is a complicated phenomenon that includes the necessary evaluation of documents consists of financial and transaction information to confirm accuracy. Moreover, the IRS calls for many reasons and depending on the stages of severity, the process of audits run to determine to generate authentic data. Depending on these mentioned factual points, like ‘Office Examination Audit’, ‘Correspondence (Mail) Audit’, and ‘Field Audit’; you need to prep up with the supplementary documents, but with confirmed paper works, thoroughly prepared by our Bay Area tax attorney.

Necessary preparation for an audit

The IRS will contact you personally by call, or by mail. If you have not consulted any support from Tax attorney San Francisco, it is time to get prepared by an expert for formulating IRS audit to navigate tax proposition. Thus, few of the necessary things, which are to be produced before a tax consultant before tax audit examination by IRS, and they are:

•    Respective files consist of the results of any prior audits

•    Small details as well as indispensable facts, share all the important information and documents, requested by the IRS.

•    Bring all the copies and files of your returns from the past 2 years, for question

•    Also, bring a copy of IRS audit letter, sent by the IRS for an audit call, as that holds significant Information Document Requests according to the ‘Forms 4564’, mostly attached with the letter.

•    All the documents, in association with the results of any prior audits

•    Original as well as a copy of the last year’s return must be submitted for the review to your tax lawyer

•    If you are requested for any specific documents by IRS, present that copy too, for further consult

Gather all the other associated documents, requested by the IRS, as organizing those copies are imperative to finalizing the actual ‘outcome’ of the audit result. Well- known to Californians, the audits get tough with each step and duplicates of each document must be arranged as well:

•    Pay stubs

•    Receipts

•    Home mortgage statements

•    Account records for retirement

•    Brokerage statement

Taxpayer must realize the audit complexities

“Guidance” and “representation” are two different entities and understanding this generally requires to manage extensive guidance from our team of expert of Bay Area tax attorney, to help you get through with the audit guidance and audit representation. Our presenters are solemn to help clients to talk with the IRS. Rather than incurring fear and dilemma over an audit letter from IRS, get prepare for the requisite steps to ensure your tax files and other transaction details; and accurate data building figures as per the business income and other referred expenses, annually. We practice accounting software and other engaging services through our Tax lawyer San Francisco for driving accounting measures and the complex tax landscape to the valuable and usual welfare of an event. 


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