Everything You Wanted to Know About Research Clinic in Los Angeles


Medical research includes many phases such as basic medical research, preclinical research, clinical research, etc. Before starting medical research you always have this thought that “what are the medical research facilities near me?”.

Before starting medical research you always have this thought that “what are the medical research facilities near me?”.

In Los angeles there are numerous research clinics available. They provide you the money for doing the research.

So basically you are getting paid to do the study!

There are two main types of clinical studies which will be provided when you go to a research clinic. One is clinical trials and other is observational studies.

Clinical Trial:

It is a study performed in people. In a clinical trial, a candidate gets specific interventions according to the research plan. Research plans are always created by investigators. These interventions are medical products like drugs or diet. A clinical trial always looks at improving people’s lives, who has been suffering from a chronic health problem.

It is conducted through four phases.

  1. phase 1:

It tests an experimental treatment on a small group. The group consists of healthy people, and it is basically to judge its safety and side effects to find the proper drug dosage.

  • Phase 2:

It uses more people in phase 2 trial. After ensuring safety in phase 1, phase 2 is on effectiveness. This phase aims to get preliminary data on the drug works in people who have a certain disease or condition. The trials keep on continuing to study safety, including short-term side effects.

  • Phase 3:

Phase 3 gathers information about safety. It also gathers information about effectiveness. The number of subjects ranges from 700 to 3000 people. In this trial, they will approve the experimental drug and device.

  • Phase 4:

In this phase it is monitored and execute finally the proportion and effectiveness of drugs. It is the final phase of clinical research.

Observational studies:

It is basically to observe people in a normal setting. Here investigators assess health outcomes in groups of participants based on the research plan. Participants may receive their routine medical care, but participants are not assigned to do specific interventions by the investigator.

In this stage, researchers collect information and compare over the time change. This study identifies new possibilities for clinical trials.

Benefits of conducting clinical studies

  1. It evaluates one or more interventions to treat disease, syndrome or condition.
  • It prevents the development of a disease or condition’s and these can include medicines, vaccines, or any changes.
  • It examines methods to identify a condition or risk factors.
  • The helps to explore ways to improve the comfort and life quality through proper care.

Bottom line,

Research adds value to the well being of society. It provides important information about disease and risk factors. If you search for research facilities near me thenyou will be provided with lots of research clinics. Modern medical science has grown so far because of these advanced research as it provide complementary insights.


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