The Importance of Custom Soft Enamel Pins


Soft enamel pins are the best way for creating your own lapel pins without losing sight of your budget. Most of the lapel pins are soft enamel type of lapel pins. As it offers many benefits among all lapel pins. It is of great value and it is mainly popular because of its textured surface.

Soft enamel pins offer the great looking product for a price slightly less than the cloisonne lapel pin process or imitation enamel lapel pins. It is considered the least expensive pin. But quality wise it is one of the best lapel pins one can have.

Custom pins can be made in any shape, size or color. If you want to get a replica of your company logo you still will get. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as promotional purpose, sponsorship, or for non-profit event.

If you want to have pins for your school annual reunion, or you want to celebrate your books fifth year or if you like to commemorate any occasion, you will get all kinds of pins.

Custom lapel pins are available in varieties. One of its variety is soft enamel pins. Soft enamel pins have enamel fill. The fill sits lower than metal ridges that form the outlines of the pin. It has a raised outline and less expensive to the hard enamel.

Custom soft enamel lapel pinsare used for schools, non-profit, promotional, trading pins, etc.

how does it help?

  1. For Service Awards:

Custom soft lapel pins are used in a school to praise someone. When any administrate body dedicates themselves fully to make a school and any teachers who dedicate their lives to make the students the best they can be, they deserve recognition.

  • Special Honors:

Lapel pins show appreciation for people’s efforts in respected fields. Custom lapel pins are preferred to honor such people. These pins are crafted to fit your specification so each one highlight a different special honor.

  • To Mark Your Student’s Achievement:

Lapel pins specially custom soft enamel pins are used to encourage students for participating in extracurricular activities. From excelling in reading programs to being elected as a class officer, a student will always be encouraged to thrive when they are recognized. So it is better to encourage your students with these pins.


There are companies that offer customized work on soft enamel pins. They have all the information available on their websites regarding pricing and all. Some of the companies require you to submit information on their quote.

This will typically include your contact information, a description of the type of custom pins you are looking to order. Once you submit the form the company will request your requirement and contact you with the estimated price.


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