Way to Improve Download Speed


When the term seedbox comes to us most of us are unable to gather a simple idea about it. Even though we use the web for several purposes or rather we conduct our daily activities by using the world wide web.

Many of us still unaware of the fact that how we share very large digital files among ourselves in a very less amount of time. So let’s be aware of how seedbox helps in serving many purposes.

The seed box is a server remotely hosted in a high-bandwidth data center used for uploading and downloading digital files. Bandwidth can be range from 100Mbit/s to 10Gb/s. Seed box generally use Bit torrent protocol for uploading or downloading files.

It is connected to a high-speed network. It varies from provider to provider for offering the servers. There are providers who offer 10Gbit/s shared servers while others will allow users to scale their needs.

Once the files downloaded from the torrent site, users can download it at high speed to a users personal computer via HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or sync protocols. On a high speed network it takes maximum a minute to download large files. Because of its high-speed feature seed boxes have become more popular.

In a simpler way, you will be able to seed your torrent faster. There are numerous sites available that provide offshore vps hostingservices. The hosting packages include important features such as important files backup, offsite storage option, full root access and FTP for linux users.

The reason for this big attraction among peer to peer and torrent communities is the ability to transfer massive files at very high speed. Seed boxes are a specific type of machine. Any computer ranging from a laptop to a powerful HTPC can serve the purpose if it is able to seed torrents from its location and it must be remotely administrated. It should have a fast internet connection.

How does a seedbox help you?

You probably have got the idea that seedboxes are actually a great way to download and upload files at a very high speed.

Here are some of the points of how a seedbox helps you.

  • There will be no competition in the uploading capacity. The seedboxes have the impeccable capacity for uploading files. In place of private BitTorrent tracker, the seedbox works better as it helps the user to maintain the seedbox account better.
  • Seedbox provides faster service than any home based internet service as there is no bandwidth limitation.
  • Seedboxes allow the user to keep a healthy upload to download ratio. Thereby it quickly increases the uploading speed which plays a major role for seedbox hosting account.

Bottom line,

There are seedbox accounts which even provide offshore vps hosting as well. And you don’t need to worry about the pricing. There are companies which provide cheap seedboxes with high-quality services. So there will be no waiting for downloading or uploading your files.


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