Everything You Wanted to Know About Cloisonne Pins

Cloisonne pins

Cloisonne lapel pins are highly valued due to its jewellery-like appearance. This is a brilliant choice for any design having separated colors.

If you want to praise your employees for their dedication or you want to launch a new product, cloisonne lapel pins are the perfect pick.

The main idea behind the manufacturing of lapel pins was to brand or promote something. It is one of the decorative objects to be found in modern and ancient societies.

Among these pins, now there are a variety of lapel pins available in the market. Cloisonne pinsare one of such kind.

Let’s have a quick overview of cloisonne lapel pins

The history of cloisonne lapel pins

In ancient china, these pins were used to create artworks and elegant vases.

Back in that time especially in the Ming dynasty the main material used to make pins was bronze. As it helped to bring the quality of the pin. The process is still followed in modern times.

Over time, there has been variation in the color options and materials used for making such pins.

Now you can have silver, black nickel, polished gold cloisonne coins.

How to manufacture these pins?

Since the lapel pin was invented, cloisonne lapel pins have gained immense popularity due to its rich history and beauty.

As any other die struck pin or soft lapel pin, the process starts with the same procedure.

Once you choose your metal sheet color, it is stamped to create an outline. The remaining areas are filled with powdery color resins. The glass resins are preferred in this case as it brings a glossy finish.

The main purpose of filling each color separately and fired at 1700 degrees is to create a jewel luster.

The advantages ofcloisonne pin

  • It gives you a jewellery-like polished look.
  • Cloisonne pins have higher perceived value.
  • You can choose the size and shape of your pin.
  • The process of making cloisonne pins allow you to choose the color and its amount.
  • You can promote your logo and brand in a much better way as it helps to stand out from the rest.
  • Among all the pins available in the market you can cut through the noises with its sharp contrasted colors.
  • As any other pins there is no chance of the colors getting bleed, as it is fired at a high temperature.
  • To create a jewellery-like finish, the pins are hand polished.


There are specialized companies for manufacturing Cloisonne pins. Once you create a certain design in your head you can simply give it to the professional designers. They will start making the pins accordingly. If you are not able to come out with designs then don’t worry they have a team of professional designers who can fulfill your requirements and help you out finding the best suitable design as per your need.


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