Finding a Cheap Way to Build Modern House? Here’s the Solution for You

Shipping container house cost

Are you looking forward to building a modern house?

Prefabricated homes also known as prefab homes can be the downright fabulous solution for you. Talking about prefab homes, the first thing that comes to your mind is its cost.

Will it cost all your penny?

Well, depending on your location, size and amenities the cost of Prefab House Malaysia may vary from $180 to $220 per square foot. It will include your interior fixtures and all modern amenities. So, comparing with any stick-built home it is much cheaper.

Why does it tend to be less costly?

  •  While building a house, there are waste created due to excess materials. But, in case of prefab homes, it is built in a factory so the waste is reduced.
  • In a traditional home building, there are several groups come out to do their individual job such as electrician, framers, painters, plumbers, etc. This increases the charges for each of their services. But in prefab homes, the work can be done efficiently and with less labour cost.

What is a prefab home?

Prefab homes are specialist dwelling types of prefabricated building. The parts of the home are manufactured off-site. Then, those parts get shipped to the building site where the house will be built. Lastly, it is assembled within a couple of days.

Types of prefab homes

Modular house

It is a type of prefab home consisting more than one module. The modules are firstly built in a factory before being transported to the building premises. Almost more than half of the interior work is done in factory sites including electrical, closets, plumbing, stairs, etc.

Panelized house

Building panelized home takes more time than modular homes. As it requires on-site finishing work of the interior including painting, installing flooring, cabinetry, stairs, etc. Though it takes the same time as modular homes to build parts off-site.

Pre-cut house

Some of the pre-cut homes are considered as panelized homes. The difference is that in pre-cut homes the home buyer himself can construct his home with the help of “kits” sent by the manufacturer. The home buyer can take the help of his general contractor to build the house.

Shipping container house

Shipping container house has been trending in recent times due to its creative and funky designs. But shipping container cannot be used for residential purposes. You must check your building codes before you start building shipping container house. shipping container house cost is the same as any other prefab house.


Certainly, prefab house is a great choice if you want to build a modern house with less money. It will give you all kinds of modern features like state of art interiors, premium finish, temperature and ambiance control. Even in traditional houses, you won’t get such features. Once you decide having a prefab home then the next step is to find the building contractor or manufacturer. There are companies in Malaysia who can help you find the right house for you. Even their Shipping container house cost is way more cheaper than others.


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