Here’s the Different Types of Custom Parking Signs and Its Usage

Custom Parking Signs

Only drivers can relate to the confusion they face while finding a parking face. You will just continue to drive around occupied alleys and thus lose your precious time in this process. Also, you may have to face the rage of other drivers sometimes. So, Custom Parking Signs help to avoid any confusion while parking. Signs are the easiest way to convey any message.

Parking signs are both a symbol and a necessity to conduct traffic rules properly. It helps to regulate pedestrian and vehicle traffic safely. There are certain vehicles that need special areas for parking. For example, ambulances and firefighters. Because in times of emergency, it needs to act smoothly without damaging any property. Likewise, corporate executives and managers are often given special privileges in parking space.

Custom parking signs used to instruct people about the places of their parking. There are 4 common types of parking signs that you need to know about.

  1. Permit parking sign

Permit parking signs are used to indicate individuals about their place to park. There are times in which parking is restricted to only permit holders and there are times in which it’s not restricted to permit holders only. These signs inform people about the areas which require permit passes.

  • Handicapped parking sign

Handicapped signs are designate by wheelchair graphic image. You can’t get the permission to use handicapped parking unless you possess a valid physical disability. The signs help those physically disabled people who possess certain disabilities issued by the government to be treated as handicapped. For example, inability to walk, unable to use legs, low vision, loss of any body parts, and any other neurological impairments.

  • No parking signs

No parking signs simply means you can’t park as the name suggest. But you can pick up or drop off your passengers or goods without leaving the vehicle and also you must be within three metres of your vehicle. Otherwise, you may have to end up paying a hefty amount of parking penalty. That’s why driving needs keen attention. You have to be aware of every moment to understand the meaning of each and every signage. For example, in no parking sign there may be a certain time in a day when parking is permissible.


If you are designing your signage for the first time then you might end up being fully confused. Choosing the ideal Custom Parking Signs can be a daunting task. If you lack expertise in this field then you don’t need to scratch your head further. There are companies which can help you make the parking signage. So, you can take help from them and use the parking signs properly.


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