Types of Pedicures to Own a Beautiful Feet

Gel nail chatham

Why do you take a bath?

You must be thinking who on earth is asking you this wacky question.

If you are one of those normal people (who consider them at least!) then your answer to the above question will be to maintain your hygiene.

As your body needs to maintain proper hygiene, so does your nail. Nail salon chatham salon not only helps to replenish the lost supplements but also rejuvenate that area.

There are two types of treatment available when it comes to nail. As you have heard about it a hundred times let’s make it count one more.

What is it?

  1. manicure
  2. pedicure.

The former one is for hand whereas the latter is for the feet.

In this article you will know about different types of pedicure.

Without any further ado lets dive in.

Regular Pedicure

Regular pedicure is one of the prevalent foot treatments. This includes all the basic procedure of foot care.

Firstly, they soak your foot in warm soapy water followed by a foot scrub.

Warm water helps the tissue to loosen a bit and thus helps removing the dead cells. The treatment also includes cutting your nails, shaping it and filling the edges.

Then Nail salon chatham salon experts will apply nail polish of your choices. Even if you are not fond of using nail polish then you can go for a nail buffing.

Lastly you will get to enjoy the most favourite part of this regular pedicure, that is the foot message.

French Pedicure

The French pedicure is the most trending one in recent times. The difference between French and original pedicure is the application of nail polish.

A nude color is applied on your nail. If you are not fond of nude color then you can opt for light pin.

It gives your feet a clean, polished and stylish look.

Gel pedicure

Gel pedicure is one of the most long-lasting pedicures. If you are not satisfied with any other pedicures then try Gel nail chathampedicure.

You will surely fall in love!

The applying procedure of nail polish in this method is the same but the UV light makes the difference. This UV light help to cure the nail polish between each coating.

Gel pedicure can last up to one month.

Fish Pedicure

The name itself sounds so intriguing. Isn’t it? Let’s explore what it is.

Fish pedicure is one of the most fashionable trends in the world of beautiful ladies.

Here the cute little fish helps to remove all the dead skin off your feet. The name of this doctor fish is garra rufa.

Not only it nibbles all the calluses but also cure psoriasis and eczema.


Since you know foot care should be included in your to-do list, now you will start searching for the salons. Since the flourishment of beauty industry, there have been countless numbers of salons available all over the world. If you want your Gel nail chatham pedicurethere are specific salons for this pedicure.

So, which one of these pedicures are you going to take?


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