6 Popular Wedding Anniversary Wishes


1. Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes

It’s very easy to fall in love but very hard to stay in Love. Thus far we have been together meant that we are strong enough. Happy anniversary to my dearest wife.

2. Emotional Wedding Anniversary Wishes

3. Surprising Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Do something special for your partner, like arrange a midnight party and invite his/her friend without knowing her knowledge and surprise him. There is another one which also good, give him an excellent gift which can make a smile on his face.

4. Sentimental Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Sentimental Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Express your feelings and tell him how you importance in his life and without you his life is just an empty box which feels me lonely. This wedding anniversary gives him a proposal letter and writes down your feelings there. That will provide him with a perfect sense of warmth.

5. Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Every wedding function has a funny side. Remind your partner that function moment which was occasionally occurred at your wedding and makes them feel happy your partner this wedding anniversary. Share the memory with each other and tell him about how your relative falls down on the dance floor.

6. Wedding Anniversary Thoughts

Wedding Anniversary Thoughts

A marriage anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, understanding, and perseverance. The order varies for any given year. The best love is the kind that animates the soul that makes us stand for more, that sets the fire in our souls and delivers peace to our brains. That’s what I hope to give you forever. For more marriage anniversary wishes visit HappyShappy Website or App.


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